In the middle of the installation of this piece, a man in his early 50’s suddenly stopped just a few meters away from where I was standing. At first he didn’t say anything, just staring at the plane that at this time had found it’s place up on the wall. After 10 seconds or so, he turned his focuse away form the plane and towards me. “You know that is a B-24?”. I was quite surprised by the question and answered that I had based it on a picture of a WW2-bomber, unaware of the actual name of the plane.

“It is a B-24!” he then replied while looking at the plane once again. “You know… A B-24 bombed this area right here during WW2. Several people got killed. Is that why you are putting this up?” Once again I had to say that this information was completely new to me, and I tried to explain him that this piece had nothing to do with a specific war, and especially not with WW2. He looked quite confused, and replied towards me: “But why are you using a B-24 if this isn’t about WW2? You know, I think it is about WW2.” I told him that it was all up the viewer, (i.e him in this particular case), to read whatever they wanted into the piece. I had my understanding of it, and others could have their interpretations without that being any kind of a problem.

Once again he looked at me like I was the one not understanding anything. “I don’t agree with you. It is about WW2!”. Understanding that this guy wasn’t going to give up, I decided to tell him what he obviously wanted to hear, hoping that he would go away. “Okey then. It is about WW2″ I said. I huge smile now entered his face: “I knew it! And do you know why? Because I was here, I experienced the war”. He took one last look at the B-24, before turning his back at me and walked away.

I have not checked up the info he came with about this exact place being bombed by a similiar plane that I had used, but a few things tells me that it might not be true: First of all, he smelled like someone who’s had at least one bottle of whiskey. Second, his age was as I’ve said around 50, so he did not by any chance expericed the WW2 like he claimed. But still, it’s a good story….


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