Like every Internet junkie with respect for himself, I have noticed the success of Twitter. When deciding upon whether I should join or not, I  read a whole lot of tweets. A thing that struck me is how people are sharing everything. And by everything I mean details about there lives that would be locked up in a hidden diary just a few years ago. The other thing that struck me is that a whole lot of people are trying very hard to give the impression that they are living interesting lives, something that most people don’t. At least not in the degree that other people should find it amusing reading about it. So instead of revealing intimate details about my own life (which I don’t think would be of very much interest to other people), I have created the ultimate twitterer, Gotthold Fish, a single guy with no friends and a boring job in the public sector.

The Gotthold Fish project has two goals. First I’m trying to show how much of a persons personality that is actually exposed through the tiny tweets, and second to test my hypothesis that a person who has a really boring life are more entertaining than all the posers who claim to live these interesting lives. To check it out for yourself, go to


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