BT Magasinet – July 2009

KNUDZICH was featured in an article about street art in BT Magasinet, the weekly magazine of the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende. The story is in Norwegian, so if you are fortunate enough to master our beautiful language you can read it here.


Magazine 1 – June 2008

KNUDZICH was featured in the street art issue of the Bulgarian Magazine, 1 in June 2008.  According to the editor, this is a magazine that focuses on topics like “music, design, cinema, theatre, architecture and other different aspects of underground culture”. I was interviewed, and it can be read in English here (in case your bulgarian haven’t been practised in a while). A online-preview of the magazine’s latest issue, can be read here.

D2 Magazine – February 2008

KNUDZICH appeared in D2 magazine, february 8th, 2008. D2 Magazine is a weekly publication about art, design and architecture by the norwegian financial newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv.


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