How do you call your work/what you do on the streets? What is your definition of street art?
My approach to street art is what you could describe as idea- and concept based approach, maybe with a touch of humour. My main goal about all of my work is that I want to create some sort of reaction from the viewer the short time it takes for them to pass by. I am always trying to find ways that my work connects the best ways possible with its surrounding environments, creating the best effect possible. My work is not limited to any technique in particular, but I rather use whatever technique that can realize an idea the best way possible. That’s why the location and placements of my stickers and installations are of great importance to me.

In the same way as “fine art”, I think it is up to the viewer to define what street art is. When I’m that viewer, I think the best pieces are the ones that get your attention and at the same time manage to create synergies with the location it is placed in.

Is “illegal” a part of the defintion?
How do you feel about legalizing street art and working with city authorities?
For me, street art doesn’t have to be illegal to be called street art. Blu’s huge walls in Berlin and London are great examples of legal work that is absolutely brilliant without being illegal. But at the same time I don’t think legalizing street art is the way to go. Today most of the people doing art in the street are doing so because they are really passionate about it, and constantly getting their work out there even though it’s illegal. Legalizing it will definitely make the quality of the work fall, because lot of people would just do it because street art is a “cool” thing to write under “interests” on facebook.

Is “political/social message” necessarily a part of the defintion?
Very much street art have a political and social message, so it is definitely an important part of the scene. But at the same time, a great piece doesn’t have to be political for me to like it. I think the most important thing is that each piece has something it tries to communicate, and if this is political/social messages or just pure aesthetic qualities, is irrelevant for me.

Personally I have done work with underlying political messages, but I have also doing stuff with humour being the only thing communicated. But both these genres are of equal importance to me.

People’s biggest misconception about street art is...
That it is damaging public space. Street art for me is very much the opposite, being more a complementary part of the puzzle that makes public space being actually that. A space for the public.

For you the relationship “graffiti to street art” is like “..?”
Egg and bacon. Both tastes well eaten alone, but putting them together, they are fulfilling each others flaws and qualities making a real tasty meal! (The city is the plate)

Art to street art is like…..
…two totally different things. Art is more elitist and it is aimed mostly at one particular group, art-interested-people. Street art is the exact opposite; its message is aimed at whoever walks by. This is why I find street art a lot more interesting.

Fame/recognition to a street artist is ….
when people notice and appreciate your work. There is no feeling that is better than having sat down in a strategic position in visual sight of a new work, seeing people’s reactions. So if recognition is when people notice your work, fame then has got to be when they are pulling up their camera mobile phone, snapping a picture of it.

When a brand/company wants to support street art, that’s….
…much up to both the artist and the company if it turns out good. WK Interact has for instance been doing some great stuff for Adidas, but I have also seen a lot of collaborations not being near having the same successful result. Principally I’m not against corporate collaborations as long as it is not going on accord with the artist’s integrity.

What do you see happening with street art lately?
The street art scene is constantly evolving, with artists pushing boundaries with new techniques and approaches. It has for instance become more and more installation based work, something that I personally like very much. The other great thing about the latest year’s development is that internet has connected all these regional sub-cultures around the world, together to one big street art scene. This makes it possible to see work from a broad spectre of artists and places, and then be inspired to push the art-form even further.

What would you like to see happening with street art in the future?
I personally hope that street art also in the future will be found in the streets, and not only in galleries. If that is granted, everything else follows…


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