Sin of the Calf is a creative brand that I am running in companionship with my good friend Unbreakable Fox.

The main mission for Sin of the Calf is quite simple: We aim to make things for people to worship. Nothing more, nothing less. Okei, just a little bit more. As a bieffect of people worshipping our things, we would be stupid not to offer them some things to buy once they are in the mood. So thats why we also have a web-shop that is selling our limited edition stuff.

The site just got up, so the shop section is not as filled up as we want it to be. But as time goes by, you will be able to purchase t-shirts (also possible today) as well as skateboards, guitars, books, and other things we’ve created. Because our main goal is to make people worship our stuff, we are selling all goods at profit-minimizing prices!


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